Dear stakeholders,

Thank you for the interest in our city and hope to convert your interest into lasting partnership.

Mykolaiv was founded in 1789 as a major shipbuilding and maritime centre. Its rich industrial heritage, skilled human capital, technological capacity and access to Black Sea, all make Mykolaiv one of the frontier investment destinations in Ukraine and in Europe. The volume of export shipments handled by Mykolaiv ports has been steadily rising in recent years, reaching 40 mln metric tons in 2016.

As a native of Mykolaiv, I am convinced the city has more to it than the current numbers show. It is an honour for me to introduce you to the business opportunities Mykolaiv has to offer.

On behalf of the Mykolaiv City Council I would like to assure you that we would provide all possible assistance to investors choosing Mykolaiv as their next investment destination.

Olexander Senkevich

Mayor of Mykolaiv

Why Mykolaiv

67% of residents have no plans to leave Mykolaiv
International Republican Institute and the “Rating” Sociological Group
Average Gross Salary Range by Sectors, EUR/month*
Activity Junior staff Managers
Agriculture & food processing (Agribusiness) 153-263 352-661
Engineering and Shipbuilding Industry 219-308 528-617
Apparel and Textile Industry 131-219 308-352
Construction 175-308 440-528
IT 352-440 882-1764
Logistics 175-352 573-705
Trade 131-308 440-661
Services 131-308 440-661
Medicine and Health Care 131-175 352-528
Accounting & Finance 131-219 342-440

*- as of January 2017

Commercial Real Estate
Business centres  
Total area, m2 40.000
Number of Properties 12
Average rent, EUR/m2/month* 4-5
*- as of January 2017  
Total area, m2 128.000
Number of Properties 11
Average rent, EUR/m2/month* 8-10
*- as of January 2017  
Approved Zoning

Mykolaiv can boast of large relatively untapped skilled labour pool, well-equipped industrial zones and facilities, with multiple sites available for investment purposes. An area of 140 ha is designed for Mykolaiv Industrial Park. It has access points for electricity, gas, water supply and sewage. A railway line and loading facilities are adjacent to the area. The site is also well connected to road infrastructure.

Areas Ha Number of plots
       Industrial zone 1.718 27+
       Warehousing and logistics 878 45+
Designated area for
       Industrial park    

Mykolaiv is well-suited for recreation — longest in-city waterfront in Ukraine (137 km), large Southern Buh river surface area suitable for sailing and other water-based activities, a number of tourism sites, incl. Ukraine’s oldest zoo, — all in proximity to Black Sea (50 km). The city is in the need of marinas of various types catering for local residents and tourists alike.

Areas Ha Number of plots
       Parks 1 444 20+
       Coastal area 958 15+
Total 2 398 35+
Logistics Hub


Mykolaiv is situated in the centre of Southern Ukraine. Three European transport corridors cross the city. It also provides access to the New Silk Way via Black Sea link.

 Baltic Sea — Black Sea
 Black Sea Economical Cooperation
 Eurasian Transoprt Corridor


Distance From Mykolaiv Ports

Mooring Areas

There are 4 ports and 38 mooring areas in Mykolaiv.
Distance to the Black Sea - 50 km.

River depth (downstream)
is about 6-8 m
River fairway depth (upstream)
is over 10m
Export from Mykolaiv

Totally more than $1.1 bln per year

Agricultural Products
805 344 500

Equipment & Machinery
167 570 300

Oil Products & Lubricants
39 153 900

Timber & Forestry Products
17 152 200

Grain Export


70% of grain that Ukraine exports to the world markets passes through Mykolaiv. City ports are best-equipped for handling dry cargo in Southern Ukraine.

Dry Cargo Export


Dry cargo volumes handled by Mykolaiv ports have been steadily growing in recent years, topping impressive 600% growth rate in the last 10 years. The ports are investing into their capacity extension, with river bed dredging works, improved cargo servicing.


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