REBRANDING MYKOLAIV: Generation UA driving change in key gateway port

Southern Ukrainian port city with global horizons seeks to reinvent itself and shake off Soviet shadows

Iryna Ozymok, LED Program Manager at the Western NIS Enterprise Fund, shared her thoughts about prospects of the city of Mykolaiv and evaluated activities the municipal institution “Mykolaiv Development Agency” in the special issue of the Business Ukraine magazine. 

“Mykolaiv has a number of strategic advantages. Three major international transport corridors pass through the region, making Mykolaiv a key hub for commerce between Europe and Asia. The city has a powerful export-oriented industrial sector with particular potential for further growth in the agro-industrial and energy sectors. The Mykolaiv region is rich in natural resources such as fertile soils, granite deposits, and raw materials for cement production.

However, the citizens of Mykolaiv remain the city’s most important resource. While the municipal authorities work to bring further investment to Mykolaiv, local activists are engaged in transformational projects like the Mykolaiv Development Agency (MDA), a multi-purpose institution that serves as a chain between local governance and Mykolaiv citizens. “When we started our cooperation with the Mykolaiv Development Agency, we identified three main goals to be achieved: engagement of citizens, co-financing, and real impact on the lives of ordinary people,” says Jaroslawa Johnson, President and CEO of the Western NIS Enterprise Fund, one of the first donors to support the newly created institution. 

Mykolaiv Development Agency focuses on addressing municipal issues and empowering local communities to take an active part in initiating change. It is a pilot project with the potential to serve as a role model for other Ukrainian cities.”

Full version of the interview is available by clicking http://bunews.com.ua/investment/item/rebranding-mykolaiv-generation-ua-driving-change-in-key-industrial-hub?category_id=22


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