EBRD ready to increase investment in Ukraine to 1 billion euros

In 2017 Ukraine should count on increasing the EBRD's investment

As noted in the report, in 2017 the company plans to increase investment in projects in Ukraine. We are talking about the amount of up to 1 billion euros.

Shevki Ajuner reminded that, according to the results of the previous year, the EBRD invested about 600 million Euros in Ukraine. Euro. The main reason that this amount was relatively low, political instability in Ukraine in early 2016.

As for the current year, according to the Director of the EBRD in Ukraine, the bank has a fairly serious portfolio for investment. At the same time, the volume of such investments in the Donbass will not be affected.

Shevki Adzhuner said that this year the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development planned to invest in a number of projects. In particular, the EBRD is ready to allocate funding for the construction of the Kharkov Metro, the development of Ukraine's electricity grids, and in general, the Ukrainian energy sector. In addition, the bank intends to finance several projects related to the port industry in Ukraine.


Source: Investment Portal «InVenture»

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