From Soviet Closed City to Ukraine’s Global Gateway

Former Soviet shipbuilding center seeks to lead industrial Ukraine’s post-Maidan transformation

Mykolaiv’s economic history has been a story of major industrial enterprises primarily focusing on the shipbuilding industry. In recent decades, global changes to the shipbuilding industry have led to a shift in emphasis towards broader maritime industries and the agribusiness sector. With a new reform-minded team in place at city hall, and buoyed by a recent flurry of international investment, Mykolaiv is now seeking to position itself as a model for the post-Maidan transformation of Ukraine’s Soviet-era industrial centers.

Obviously, Mykolaiv has a number of areas that are already producing attractive profits. The city boasts an ideal location for maritime equipment producers seeking to serve the Black Sea region and beyond. As well as attractive connections to the Black Sea region and Ukraine’s major urban centers, Mykolaiv is also ideally positioned as the gateway to the country’s fabled agricultural heartlands. Marina development is another attractive investment area in Mykolaiv. Despite boasting stunning riverside locations and huge tourism potential, Mykolaiv’s current lack of large-scale recreational facilities is a legacy of its closed city status during the Soviet era. Municipal authorities have already designated several riverfront areas for marina development, paving the way for a genuine tourism industry to emerge.

Mykolaiv is a city in transition. This journey from Soviet closed city to global gateway reflects Ukraine’s broader transformation from the authoritarian command economy to free market Euro-pean democracy.

The online version of the magazine available by the link: http://bunews.com.ua/investment/item/reinventing-mykolaiv-from-soviet-closed-city-to-ukraines-global-gateway?category_id=22

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