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Iryna Ozymok, LED Program Manager at the Western NIS Enterprise Fund, shared her thoughts about prospects of the city of Mykolaiv and evaluated activities the municipal institution “Mykolaiv Development Agency” in the special issue of the Business Uk [...]
With this title, it tells us about our city on the pages of the Business Ukraine magazine. Michael Druckman, the Resident Country Director for Ukraine at the International Republican Institute, gave an interview for the special issue about Mykol [...]
Mykolaiv’s economic history has been a story of major industrial enterprises primarily focusing on the shipbuilding industry. In recent decades, global changes to the shipbuilding industry have led to a shift in emphasis towards broader maritime industrie [...]
In an interview for the special July issue of Business Ukraine magazine "Investing in Mykolaiv", Danyil Bilak, a director of the UkraineInvest, shared his thoughts about the decentralization process and prospects of the city of Mykolaiv. Ukra [...]
One of the top sources of English-language news about Ukraine BUSINESS UKRAINE has dedicated a special issue of our city called INVESTING IN MYKOLAIV, which is directly related to the presentation materials previously created by a team of t [...]
“For the coming decades, much of Ukraine’s economic prosperity will depend on the vast grain shipments flowing out across the Black Sea to feed the growing global population. Europe’s breadbasket has become the world’s breadbasket, and the gateway is Myko [...]
«People, Ports Fuel Optimism For Economic Revival Of Mykolaiv». With this title it tells us about our city on the front pages of the printed - the top source of English-language news about Ukraine. "The former shipbuilding center, [...]
According to the report of the International Finance Corporation (IFC),  a member of the World Bank Group, IFC is considering investing in the Emerging Europe Growth Fund III, L.P., a private equity fund launched by  Horizon  Capital. (EEGF [...]
As noted in the report, in 2017 the company plans to increase investment in projects in Ukraine. We are talking about the amount of up to 1 billion euros. Shevki Ajuner reminded that, according to the results of the previous year, the EBRD invested abo [...]
The facility will support Ukraine's small and medium sized companies and MidCaps. The long term credits will help SME in Ukraine in international trade, energy efficiency, environment protection, and other. The companies will be able to take advantage of [...]
According to a senior banker of EBRD Mark Magaletsky, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development was founded in Ukraine railway company-carrier Crea I UA LLC to manage its freight cars. M. Magaletsky noted that the subsidiary company will be est [...]
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