Сonstruction of vocational school
Owner Municipal enterprise “Capital construction of Mykolaiv”
Intended for community infrastructure and facilities
Purchase conditions for purchase / rent
Purchase 334 UAH/m2, 40-80 UAH/m2

Property Description
Actual use not in use
Floor area 5 884 m2
Land area 5 200 m2
Surronding complex of apartment buildings, local market , park
Distanse to accommodation 10 m
Subsurface and above-surface obstracles no obstracles
Covering no solid surfacing
Engineering facilities
Electricity Power class: II-III Voltage: 6 kV Power: 572 kW
Gas supply Efficiency: 240 m3/h Pressure: 3 atm
Water supply Efficiency: 3 m3/h
Sewage system Line diameter: 110 mm
Heat supply Line diameter: 50 mm
Telecommunication Possible connection

Transport infrastructure
To access roads access road adjacent
To international highways 1 km
To railways 3 km

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