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Maritime Equipment Production

Mykolaiv provides an ideal location for maritime equipment producers, both OEMs and 2-tier suppliers, seeking to serve Black Sea region or beyond. Convenience of the all-year river-sea port provides access to Black Sea region countries, whilst extensive road network links Mykolaiv with major Southern Ukrainian metros of Kyiv, Dnipro and Odesa.

With dedicated educational institutions and shipyards in the transformation stage, Mykolaiv boasts one of the largest maritime engineering and professional talent pool in Ukraine (11.000 professionals, EUR 280 average monthly gross salary). A range of municipal and privately owned land plots suitable for greenfield or brownfield projects as well as turn-key facilities (all with convenient access to port area and road connections) are available for rent or purchase. Mykolaiv Development Agency assists investors with site selection, road and engineering infrastructure provision as well as staff recruitment and training.

Municipal ownership3,38 Ha • For rent
Private ownership2100 m² • For rent
Private ownership10 000 m² • For rent
Private ownership17 000 m² • For purchase/rent
Agricultural and Food Products Processing

Conveniently located at the Ukrainian agricultural heartland, Mykolaiv is ideally suited for export-oriented agricultural and food products processing industries. Agricultural commodities could be sourced from the neighbouring areas, stored and processed in existing or purpose-built facilities and exported via Mykolaiv river-sea port. New investors could join an existing cluster of local and international companies (Bunge, Cofco, Kernel, Nibulon, etc.).

There are several municipal and privately owned land plots adjacent to industrial river docks that are available for investors. Mykolaiv Development Agency assists investors with site selection, road and engineering infrastructure provision as well as analysis of the target agricultural commodities markets in the region.

Municipal ownership3,75 Ha • For rent
Municipal ownership9,6 Ha • For rent
Municipal ownership140 Ha • For rent
Designated industrial park area
Marina Development

Marina development is an attractive investment area in Mykolaiv. As a location of strategic industries, city of Mykolaiv was closed for visitors during the Soviet period. Thus, the city is lacking large-scale recreational facilities and industries, despite its natural and tourism assets, e.g. one of the oldest and largest zoos in Europe. Mykolaiv has designated several river-front areas for marina development, one of the few cities in Ukraine to do so in zoning documentation. The city offers three models for marina development outlined below.


There are several land plots available for greenfield marina development in northern and southern areas of Mykolaiv near major residential areas. All plots are designated for marinas in the current zoning, have necessary engineering infrastructure. Mykolaiv City Council will auction the plots to investors and will reconstruct road infrastructure leading to marinas.

Municipal ownership0,75 Ha • For rent


Qualified investors could enter into joint venture agreements to upgrade and modernize assets of oldest marina in Mykolaiv – City Yacht Club (HORECA, maintenance facilities etc.) located in the city centre. The Yacht Club is owned by Mykolaiv Oblast (regional authority).

Public ownership4.2 Ha • For rent • 300m waterfront

Public-Private Partnership

There are two land plots owned by the Mykolaiv City Council and located near the city centre. Both are ideally suited for marina development, – major residential areas nearby, great recreational value, road and engineering infrastructure access. Already earmarked for marinas in the zoning, the plots will have spatial plans elaborated in 2017. The City Council will invest in feasibility study and project documentation and enter into the public-private partnership with an investor on BOT (build-operate-transfer) terms for up to 50 years.

Municipal ownership6.8 Ha • 610m waterfront
Municipal ownership6.1 Ha • 1300m waterfront