Production facilities of “Mykolaiv locomotive repair plant” LTD
Owner “Mykolaiv locomotive repair plant” LTD
Intended for industrial purpose
Purchase conditions joint venture

Property Description
Actual use locomotive maintenance and repair plant
Floor area 5 749 m2
Land area 30 048 m2
Surronding “Mykolaiv aircraft repair plant” LTD, complex of apartment buildings
Distanse to accommodation 150 m
Subsurface and above-surface obstracles power lines
Covering partial asphalt covering
Engineering facilities
Electricity Power class: II Voltage: 4 kV Power: 300 kW
Water supply Efficiency: 3 m3/h
Sewage system Line diameter: 70 mm
Telecommunication In-line

Transport infrastructure
To access roads access road adjacent
To international highways 15 km
To railways inside the territory

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