Development of energy service company
Initiator Non governmental organization “Fund of initiative development”
Owner “Mykolaivenergomontazh” LTD
Intended for industrial purpose
Purchase conditions buy-in
Purchase 51 400 000 UAH

Property Description
Actual use electrical equipment producing plant
Floor area 1 685.2 m2
Engineering facilities
Electricity Power class: II Voltage: 6 kV Power: 400 kW
Gas supply Efficiency: 30 m3/h Pressure: 3 atm
Water supply Efficiency: 3 m3/h
Sewage system Line diameter: 100 mm
Heat supply Line diameter: 50 mm
Telecommunication In-line

Project description
Goal of the project Energy efficiency in industrial process. The project will be implemented on industrial facilities for the purpose of decrease of consumption of electricity and fuel equivalent, to decrease an air emission and environmental contamination.
Objectives of the project monitoring of the big energy consuming enterprises for the purpose of decrease of electricity consumption by means of technology adoption of reactive power compensation; development of a technical project of reactive power compensation; implementation of technical project of reactive power compensation; providing of energy service.
Results of the project implementation of a energy conservation equipment – a high-tension capacitor units of reactive power compensation, which work in automatic mode; implementation of computer monitoring system of electricity consumption, energy saving and forecasting of energy supply.
Project implementation period 10 months

Transport infrastructure
To access roads access road adjacent
To international highways 5-7 km
To railways 4 km

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